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Contest :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008 | | | |
Hi ! I posted a lot of videos, but I did not said anything ? Well... it's my time now.

I made this blog a while ago. I liked the ideea. You can surf here for interesting videos about history, legends, conspirations, UFO, weirdest things on earth, religion, google earth secrets and from time to time something really funny :)

Always my blogs didn't have any adsense banners or wherever because I did my blogs just for you. That's why I made this blog without adsense. I am not trying to get in your eyes with pop ups like "BYEEE THIS ! Is FREE... really, you are the winner from 999999 users " :)

But, always is a but somewhere :) , I found a post on PCNEWS.RO about a superblog contest. And I thought to sign in this blog.

The purpose ?

1. The prize ? How come, when I said that I do not have adsense, I am not for the money ?
2. Just for the fact that I like blogging ?
3. For traffic ? ...

Answer : This is a challenge for me to try the best in this blog, something good for the ones who read and watch it.

As far as I remember... what is the real purpose of a blog ? Monetize it like others who done this lately or something you tell to the people ?

This Blog is for the ones who surf the net and want to find something interesting to pass the time and second day to come back. Also because here are videos gathered all in one piece and you spend days for viewing it all :)

* Every Day Updates ... remember ! Just think about it...