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Elderly Couple Find Love Online!

Thursday, November 13, 2008 | | | |

An 81-year-old Chinese man has married a 58 year-old woman he met online, proving that love conquers all… well at least age.

Wu Jieqin, a retired art professor who has spent time in an aged-care home, married Jiang Xiaohui, 23 years younger, in a very special ceremony.

online-dating Elderly Couple Find Love Online! picture“The Internet doesn’t belong to the young alone. There are no rules against old people seeking love online,” said the professor, who has been using the internet since 1998.

The bride’s parents, aged 85 and 86, were not too happy about their daughter’s choice for a husband at first because they felt he was too old. However, she won them over in the end.

“His voice is very youthful. Not like an 80-year-old and he is very romantic,” said Jiang of her new husband.

The couple met last year after the lonely divorced professor placed an ad on a Chinese website.

He knew he wanted a woman who was younger and was very picky. Over 50 women responded positively to his ad, which a student helped him write, and some were as far away as the US, Australia and the Ukraine!

Wu met several of the women, but nothing clicked until he set sight on his new bride.

Ain’t love grand!

Kudos to the happy couple.